Niche has a variety of console commands for players to use. The console commands window can be accessed by holding F1 (perhaps Alt+F1, or Alt+1). This opens up the window where you can input commands. The only way to exit out of the window is by hitting Esc and continuing the game.

List of Console Commands

Command Example Effect Notes
ActivateStatusEffect ActivateStatusEffect CommonCold Gives the selected creature a status condition
AddStatusEffect AddStatusEffect CommonCold Gives the selected creature a status condition
ChangeBerryCount ChangeBerryCount 10 Adds a number of food to your game Negative numbers decrease food
ChangeVisibilityAttribute ChangeVisibilityAttribute Collecting TODO
DeleteAllPlayerAnimals DeleteAllPlayerAnimals Deletes all player animals, ending the game
DetectAll DetectAll true Keeps places visible without having a Nicheling to see anything
DeleteOccupant DeleteOccupant Deletes selected creature
ExploreAllFields ExploreAllFields Removes all non-regrowing grass
GenerateAnimals GenerateAnimals TODO
GameOver GameOver Ends game
IncreaseAge IncreaseAge 10 Increases the selected creature's age Negative numbers decrease age
IncreaseSpawn IncreaseSpawn Rabbit Increases spawn for the creature chosen
JumpToWeather JumpToWeather Rain Changes weather
MoveOccupant MoveOccupant TODO
RemoveStatusEffect RemoveStatusEffect CommondCold Removes status effect
SetGene SetGene EarsBig EarsNormal Sets the gene to the selected. If a second input is put in, it makes it the inactive trait.
SwitchGender SwitchGender Changes the creature's gender
SetCursorVisibility SetCursorVisibilty false Changes if the mouse cursor is visible while in game
SetCursorLockState SetCursorLockState Locked Locks the mouse cursor into the game
TakeDamage TakeDamage 10 Predator Damages the creature by a set amount and by a determined cause