Dodomingo are ground-dwelling birds. They move every time a creature moves, and they seem to enjoy sitting on nests, rendering them inaccessible. If a Dodomingo is attacked, it will gobble loudly, attracting more of them to its location. 



  • 1 Movement 
  • 4 Eyesight 


When killed, the meat a Dodomingo drops will provide only one food point when collected.


If a Dodomingo is encountered, then it can be killed. Despite the fact that its cries attract more of its kind, killing a Dodomingo does not spawn more, instead causing existing Dodomingos to flock to its location. Due to their large amounts of health and the fact that each one only provides one food point when killed, Dodomingos are incredibly unreliable as a food source, and attempting to use them as one is detrimental in the long run, even if an animal has the maximum possible attack. You can attempt to block the Dodomingoes from entering the nest by constantly having a creature of any age inside of the nest.


Every turn, a Dodomingo will make a sound that resembles a warbling then a loud scream. They have grey feathers, a yellow beak, relatively large black eyes, a huge fanning tail that resembles a turkey, and yellow duck-like feet.


A Dodomingo in a Nest


  • The name 'Dodomingo' is a combination of the words Dodo and Flamingo.
  • Despite the name, the Dodomingo resembles a wild turkey more than anything.
  • They were originally going to be pink.