Glitches are things in a game that messes up the game's code. When glitches occur, the results may vary from minor insignificant changes to big game breaking things. These glitches no longer occur. This page is outdated.

Minor glitches

Currently here are the glitches that are in the minor category.

Photo Why does it occur
IMG 20161111 1636317 rewind
The cactus glitch occurs when migrating to the hardmode island. When a cactus is placed on the port tile while one of your creatures spawn there, it causes them to be on the same tile.
(If you have a picture of this, please put it here) When a bluebird is about to attack a baby and the day is skipped, causing it to grow up, the bluebird will swoop down like normal at the creature. When you check the lifespan chart on the juvenile, its lifespan will only be able to take one more point of damage before dying. This glitch is rare but still occasionally happens.
This glitch happens when one of your nichelings move and a crabbit moves onto the same tile your creature moved to, and the creature will then be on top of the crabbit.

Major glitches

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